A New Star in Texas - TACOMA

Less than one year ago, it was announced that Toyota Texas would begin producing the Tacoma alongside the Tundra. This was a huge project, unlike any Toyota plant had ever experienced. Toyota Texas was tasked with the quickest retool in Toyota North America's history. The Tacoma that you see in the picture is proof that we have met this challenge. Production of the first salable Tacoma trucks began on June 24, 2010. Special ceremonies were held to commemorate this historical event in the Weld, Paint, and Assembly areas. A team member from each area spoke at the ceremonies: Ben Perez (Weld), Fabian Perales (Weld), Chris Hernandez (Paint), Odie Hyson (Assembly), and Jennifer Hines (Assembly).

The official Start of Tacoma Production was July 6, which signaled the ramp up to full production of the Tacoma and Tundra making Toyota Texas "The Truck Plant" for Toyota. A Line-off ceremony was held on August 6th to commemorate the Tacoma production. Governor Perry, Judge Wolff, and Mayor Castro along with local and state officials were on-hand to help celebrate this historical event. Governor Perry also announced that August 6th was proclaimed as "Tacoma Day" in Texas. Thank You for all of your hard work and dedication throughout the last year. Special thanks to family and friends for supporting your team member.